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Metal Token

METAL is the native token of the Metal Blockchain, a hard-capped and scarce asset that serves multiple purposes within the ecosystem. METAL is used to pay for transaction fees, secure the platform through staking, and provide a basic unit of account between the multiple subnets created on the Metal Blockchain.

Fee Burning

To prevent spam and ensure network security, transactions on the Metal Blockchain require the payment of a transaction fee in METAL. The transaction fee is burned, meaning it is destroyed forever, resulting in a reduction of the overall supply of METAL. This fee burning mechanism adds a deflationary element to METAL, contributing to its scarcity.

Fee Schedule

Transaction fees on the Metal Blockchain vary depending on the type of transaction being performed. The following table shows the fee schedule for different types of transactions.


METAL has a hard-capped supply of 666,666,666 coins. The distribution of METAL is as follows:

Metal Foundation: 153,333,333 METAL Founders: 71,000,000 METAL MTL allocation: 60,000,000 METAL MTL conversion: 120,000,000 METAL Staking rewards: 333,333,333 METAL

The founders were granted 71,000,000 METAL, which vest over a period of 12 months. The Metal Foundation received 153,333,333 METAL to fund development and accelerate the growth of the network. During the conversion event when Metal Blockchain launched, MTL community members had the opportunity to convert their Metal DAO tokens to METAL coins, with a maximum limit of 60,000,000 MTL that could be converted.

The staking rewards emission is designed to release 333,333,333 METAL on a sliding scale, more specifics below.

Staking Rewards Emission Structure

The emission structure of METAL for staking rewards is designed to release 333,333,333 METAL on a sliding scale, becoming increasingly scarce over a long period of time. The staking rewards are calculated based on a formula that takes into account factors such as the minimum and maximum staking duration, creating incentives for users to participate in staking and help secure the Metal Blockchain. The supply formula for staking rewards is as follows:

(666.6M — 333.3M) (1M / 333.3M) (10% + 2% MinimumStakingDuration / MaximumStakingDuration) MinimumStakingDuration / MaximumStakingDuration

"Staking Rewards Slising Scale Metal Blockchain"